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Welcome. We’re Armoured Detailing and Valets, and we’re not your typical car washing company. We specialize in wicked car care services that keep your ride looking its best. Our fully mobile valeting team is dedicated to prolonging the life and appearance of your vehicle, whether it’s a classic vintage car, your daily driver, a sleek supercar, or even a commercial vehicle – we don’t discriminate!

At Armoured Valets, we use techniques that minimize the risk of swirl marks and scratches, ensuring your car maintains that glossy, eye-catching shine. Plus, our services make maintenance a breeze. We pride ourselves on offering affordable packages that can’t be beat when it comes to cost, quality, and service.

So why not give us a ring for a quote? We’re confident that you won’t find better prices for the same level of service anywhere else. Trust us, when you choose Armoured Valets, you’re choosing the best in the business!


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