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Revive Auto Detail here! We’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings and have grown into a full-fledged professional automotive detailing company. With our fully equipped unit (Revive HQ) and mobile detailing van, we’re proud to offer the best valeting services in Wrexham and Chester.

When it comes to washing your vehicle, we start by applying a pre-wash foam or traffic film remover (depending on your preference) to the entire car, letting it work its magic and loosen up all that dirt. Next, we tackle the wheels with a non-acidic cleaner, giving them a good scrub before rinsing them clean. Then, we move on to the rest of the body, using a two bucket wash system with grit guards to keep your paint looking pristine. We make sure to rinse every nook and cranny, including door and boot shuts, before drying everything off with a microfiber towel and a spritz of detailer. To finish things off, we clean the glass and dress the tyres, leaving your ride looking its best.

For the interior, we begin by cleaning the roof lining before moving on to all the cup holders, vents, and cubby holes, making sure they’re spotless and properly dressed. We vacuum the seats and carpets thoroughly, and if you’ve got leather, we’ll clean and dress those too. If you’ve got cloth seats, we’ll give them a good shampoo and dry. Finally, we clean the inside glass, leaving your car’s interior looking and smelling fresh.

If you really want to protect your investment, consider one of our protection details. Don’t believe the hype about miracle coatings that’ll stop bullets and protect against anything and everything – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Our new car detail is the real deal. We start with a pre-wash foam or traffic film remover, depending on how dirty your car is, to loosen up all that grime. Then, we clean the wheels with a non-acidic cleaner, giving them a thorough scrub before rinsing.

These are just a few of the many services we offer – head over to our website to learn more and see how we can help keep your car looking its best!

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