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At Steve’s Valeting Service Ltd, I do things a bit differently than your typical high street valeting company. my goal is to make your vehicle look like it just rolled off the showroom floor, and with over 6 years of experience working for a big company, I’ve got the skills to make it happen. From scratch repair and headlight restoration to polishing and beyond, I’ve pretty much seen and done it all.

But what really sets me apart is the way I treat my customers. To me, your not just another number on a spreadsheet – your practically family. I’ll go above and beyond to make sure your completely satisfied with the final result, even if that means redoing the job until I get it right.

I offer a range of services including Mini Valets, Full Valets, Interior and exterior Valets, and even Tyre Pressure Checks. So whether you need a quick spruce up or the full works, you can rely on me.

So if you want a valeting service that really cares about you and your vehicle, give me a call at Steve’s Valeting Service Ltd. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!



  • Basic Wash

    What I will do. Clean Wheels & Tyres, Apply a Pre Wash, Hand Wash using the two bucket method to minimize scratches, Rinse Off, Apply AquaWax, Re rise, Dry using a soft microfiber towel.

    £ 10.00
  • Mini Valet

    I will do the same as the Basic Wash Plus Vacuum the interior including the boot, Clean and dust all plastics, Clean the windows inside and out, Dress the tyres.

    £ 50.00
  • Full Valet

    I will do the same as the Mini Valet Plus Engine Bay Cleaned, Shampoo carpets and seats, UV protect all plastics, Clean any marks on the headliner, Tyre Pressures Checked, Free Air Freshener.

    £ 150.00
  • Full Interior

    What I will do Vacuum the carpets and seats Shampoo carpets and seats If seats are leather clean and treat Clean and protect all plastics Clean any marks on the headliner Clean all windows inside and out

    £ 85.00
  • Full Exterior

    What I will do Clean Wheels & Tyres Apply Tar removal Apply a chemical Decontamination Apply a Pre Wash Clean Door Shuts Rise off Hand Wash using the two bucket method to minimize scratches Rinse Off Apply AquaWax Re rise Dry using a soft microfiber towel Dress tyres

    £ 85.00
  • Pre Sale Valet

    What I will do Wheels & Tyres Cleaned. Steam clean engine bay compartment. Prewash. Tar removal. Hand wash using the Two Bucket method to minimize damage. Clay Bar the whole vehicle. Machine Polish 3 Stages: (heavy cutting compound, medium cutting compound, Finaliser) Apply cream carnauba wax. Headlight and Tail Light Restoration. Steam clean all interior. Inside vacuumed and dusted. Dashboard and plastics cleaned and dressed. Shampoo Carpets & Seats. Clean Headliner. Windows Cleaned Inside & Out. Tyres Dressed Tyre Pressures Checked Air Freshener

    £ 200.00
  • Clay Bar Treatment

    I will do A complete wash of the exterior of your vehicle The clay bar treatment, Machine polish to remove any maring, Towel dry, A hand wax using a carnauba wax.

    £ 65.00
  • Headlight Restoration

    Do you often find yourself struggling to drive at night due to foggy or dull headlights? It can be a real safety hazard, but don’t worry! I have a solution for you. I can restore your headlights and make them look like new again*. Imagine driving with clear and bright headlights that illuminate the road properly, making your night-time driving experience safer and more enjoyable. My service is quick, convenient, and affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank to get your headlights fixed. Trust me, your car will thank you, and so will your passengers and fellow drivers on the road.

    £ 70.00
  • Interior Deep Cleaning (Sickness Removal)

    I take pride in providing exceptional cleaning services for those who find themselves dealing with the unfortunate incident of vomit, sickness or any other mess in their vehicle. I understand that these situations can create a stressful and unpleasant experience, which is why I make it my mission to leave your vehicle looking as if the incident never occurred. Not only do I clean up the mess, but I also take proactive measures to ensure that the area is fully sanitized, eliminating any bacteria or germs left behind. You can trust that I will handle the situation swiftly and confidentially, allowing you to focus on managing the situation calmly and safely. Rest assured that my top priority is to provide exceptional services to assist you in times of need.

    £ 25.00


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